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Joel Font wants you to know about the access, collection, use, and security of information on his Blog.   By visiting Today’s Audit Journal you’re agreeing to the policies and practices currently in place.   To understand these, please read the information below:

User Policies:

Today’s Audit Journal is a hosted Blog.  As such, all matters relating to technical support, disaster recovery, Internet communications, data security, privacy, regulatory compliance and content integrity at the server and data center, as well as any legal ramifications associated with the use of this Blog fall under the “Terms of Service” currently posted by

Today’s Audit Journal assumes no responsibility beyond those covered by the Terms of Service agreement.   To review the Term of Service agreement, click here: Terms of Service

Privacy Policy:

As with the User Policies, Today’s Audit Journal is required to follow the Privacy Policy in effect at   Today’s Audit Journal assumes no responsibility beyond those covered by the Privacy Policy.  To read this policy, please click here: Privacy Policy

Copyright Regulations:

Today’s Audit Journal follows the legal guidelines and restrictions for copyrighted materials in effect at   Efforts are made to identify all copyright owners, to cite them and if possible provide links to the sources.  Details of these guidelines are found in the Terms of Service agreement.

Product Endorsements and Promotions:

Today’s Audit Journal’s policy towards product endorsements and promotions is to identify any and all paid endorsements or royalty agreements with vendors, whose products are reviewed or recommended.   If the endorsement or promotion is not of a financial nature, then there is no disclosure.

Today’s Audit Journal has an affiliate program with promoted in the Blog as the “Today’s Audit Journal Book Store.”   Books and products reviewed on the Blog may also be recommended for purchase through the book store.   However, readers are free to purchase said products anywhere else on the web.  Other commercial offerings and/or affiliate programs may be found in the “eCommerce Partners” page of the Blog, which will identify the products or services in question, and links to the respective vendors.

From time to time event reviews, seminars, websites, and professional services from subject matter experts may be reviewed and recommended, but these recommendations, unless otherwise identified, are provided only as information for the benefit of our visitors.

Use of Humor:

As noted in the “About” page of this blog, Today’s Audit Journal uses humor to differentiate itself in the marketplace.   Humor is interjected randomly and without following any particular formula or intent.   The stories that contain humor will always be linked to the sources that provide the “original non-humorous” information allowing the reader to by-pass or ignore the author’s humorous interpretation.   Although, the nature of many humorous stories or anecdotes may refer to some individual, company, product or location, efforts will be made to make sure the story or anecdote is clearly understood as a joke and not a defamatory or malicious act.  Efforts will be made to change the original names or other identifiers when possible.

As is always the case with humor, many persons will not consider it appropriate or will be offended, but this is not our intent or purpose.   I respectfully ask those who disagree with this approach not to visit this site, since the Internet is an open marketplace of ideas and information mediums.  Today’s Audit Journal provides factual information about the Audit, Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance and Governance fields, but it reserves the right  to do so in as colorful a way as possible and by making fun of as many events, persons and organizations as it can.

In almost all occasions when humor is used, it will be contained in a few paragraphs towards the end of the article, or at the bottom of the post, so it can be easily spotted and segregated from the rest of the article.

Use of Photos and Graphics:

Today’s Audit Journal uses photographs and other visual graphics to bring color and create a pleasant and interesting ambiance for readers.   In almost all occasions, these photos and graphics are “not” related to the stories covered or represent persons or objects referred in the stories.    The photos and graphics are also used as crops when humor is included in a story, and in such occasions the extravagant, illogical and/or humorous element will be apparent to the reader.   Whenever a photo is directly related to or part of  an article or story, it will be identified as such.  All photos and graphics will be properly linked to their owners or central archives, and are either Public Domain or under some form of Creative Commons copyright.

For information on the Creative Commons copyright system click this link:

For information on Public Domain use of intellectual property, please click this link:

Blog Statistics:

Blog statistics are tracked via the system, which counts unique “hits” to the blog.   In addition to the system, the ClustrMaps geographical tracking system is used to generate a map of the places of origin of each site visitor.   However, both tracking systems are not synchronized, in that the blog statistics started tracking visitors on September 19th. 2009, while the ClustrMaps system started tracking visitors on October 25th. 2009.   At the time ClustrMaps was implemented, the WordPress system had already logged 2,729 hits to the blog.  Any visitor analysis done in the future needs to take this discrepancy into account.

ClustrMaps counter reset:  December 8th 2010 – Number of hits: 12,895

WorPress counter totals on December 8th 2010 – 15,624

To see the latest blog statistics, look at the right hand side navigation column and scroll to the bottom of the page.  Blog Stats are right above the “Blog Management” section.



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