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FTC: Bloggers must disclose material connections to endorsed products


No sneaking around now.

I am not surprised that our political culture is beginning to address the challenges of an “un-regulated” blogosphere, especially when financial (and eventually taxable) matters are at hand.

Although, I am a technologist with a web presence going back to 2001, I did not focus time and energy to Blogging until recently.  My blogging practice is now to identify any and all endorsements or royalty agreements with vendors, whose products I review or recommend.   If I have no financial interests, my posts simply omit any mention to an agreement.

As of this writing the only commercial arrangement I keep related to this Blog is the Today’s Audit Journal Book Store, which is an affiliate program with   Books and products I review on this Blog, I may also recommend for purchase by interested readers through my book store.  However, readers are free to purchase said products anywhere else on the web.

In terms of syndicated news articles posted in this Blog; all article sources are properly cited for copyright protection, and if the article at its source (other Blog, publication, etc…) promotes a product or service, I am not compensated, unless disclosed.   The use of syndicated news in this Blog is for the purpose of helping readers to stay informed of subjects I consider worthy to our profession, and as a means to maintain a consistent flow of posts, especially when I am unable to write/post due to professional/family demands.

The above mentioned practice and anything else presented in the “Legal” page of this blog shall constitute my official policy towards disclosures relating to endorsements or payments from third parties or vendors.

To read the entire article on the new FTC regulations, from the Tech Policy & Law News – Betanews website, please click the link below:

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The First Blog Post – Joel Font

Beware of Dog

This is the first post.  Others will be coming as the Blog is completed.    Stories and information of interest to professionals in the following fields:

IT Audit
Risk Management
Regulatory Compliance
Corporate Governance

Published by:   Joel Font