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Joel C. Font is an IT Governance, Risk and Compliance professional with more than 18 years experience in the IT industry.  His focus is Enterprise Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance.   In the 1990’s  he founded a network integration company and transitioned it to a financial services ASP.   He has worked for various Fortune 500 companies and international organizations and is experienced in the CobiT, COSO, ITIL, NIST and ISO frameworks.   Joel Font lives in Ridgewood, New Jersey (USA), and works in the NY metropolitan region.    He is available for  consulting, speaking and training engagements in both English and Spanish.

This Blog presents Joel’s personal views and advices on the IT Audit, Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance and Corporate Governance fields.   It is not an official Blog representing the views and opinions of his employers or clients past or present.

Today’s Audit Journal focuses on the human side of the audit, risk, compliance and governance profession, rather than the technical (for which there are  hundreds of blogs).  The articles at times also purposely carry some humor as a way to entertain the reader in what may otherwise be dry or legalistic topics.   The humor is not injected into all the stories, but some stories simply inspire humorous thoughts in the author who then searches for Public Domain or Creative Commons photos to spice things up and support a joke or anecdote that comes to his mind.

If you are disturbed with the idea of reading a blog that covers serious audit, risk, compliance and governance matters and sometimes throws in a completely insane, hilarious and/or risque comment or photo about those issues, then I apologize.   And, I suspect you are better off visiting other blogs that do not have this format.  For further information on the humorous element in this blog, you can read the “Legal” page.

Many of the articles published here are also syndicated in other Internet mediums.  Joel is a regular contributor at BusinessWeek‘s Business Exchange and the Liquida news aggregation system.

Contact Information:

  • You can follow Today’s Audit Journal on Twitter at:  @AuditJournal
  • Joel’s Skype account is:   joelfont0214
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