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5 Security Lessons From Real-World Data Breaches

Syntho Saur
Image by david via Flickr

I think everyone involved in IT Security knows that the majority of IT Security incidents are not reported outside the organizations in which they occur.   This excerpt from an article published in InformationWeek.com should be of interest to IT Security folks as well as CIO’s.   To read the full article follow the link at the bottom of the post:

“The unwritten rule among companies is that the less said about security breaches, the better. For every public revelation of stolen data there are dozens of breaches that don’t make the news.

This code of silence might avoid angering partners and customers, and sidestep a public relations mess, but it makes it harder for the industry as a whole to learn from mistakes and improve information security and risk management practices. That’s why this article draws on direct observations from real-world security breaches on which we’ve performed forensic investigations, to help companies understand how breaches happen and what to do about them.”

The full article from InformationWeek.com is in the link below:

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If you haven’t been able to figure it out yet, the photo above is of the famous Japanese Sumo wrestler Kami Nobugama disguised as a toy Godzilla, when he was attempting to break into a Department of Defense apparatus on September 10, 2001.   This formerly classified photo was sent to us by Mr. M. Icon using secure Steganography.

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