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GovTrack: H.R. 2152: Text of Legislation, Introduced in House

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From time to time Today’s Audit Journal will post information on legislation passed or under consideration, of relevance to our professions.   This post provides information on a bill that may change the FCPA into a more aggressive and enforceable law.

Foreign Business Bribery Prohibition Act of 2009.

This bill under consideration in Congress can change the way the FCPA is enforced.  If your work includes reviews / investigations relating to the FCPA, read the full text of the bill by following the link from below:

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Directors Keeping Jobs in Spite of Shareholder Nonsupport

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How many of us would be keeping our jobs if less than 50% of our bosses / peers did not approve of our work?

Between the news of unethical executive compensation schemes bombarding us from the media on a daily basis and these types of  board problems, it is clear that American corporate governance is ill and in need of major surgery.

The article linked below, from says that unpopular Board members where not removed because there are few challengers or replacements available.   Doesn’t this sound suspect?   The problem may be that the way that boards are structured, governed and financially maintained does not provide incentives for change.   Hasn’t there been a huge ruckus about bringing more women and minorities on corporate boards but according to what one reads in the media, there just aren’t enough qualified people from those groups.   If outsiders can’t get into boards, of course those in them are pretty secure from competition.

To read the full article from please click the link below:

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The photo above is of two well known board members from a Fortune 500 company based in NYC.   The photo taken at a Golf outing in 1915 was used last year in an Annual Report.   When the media inquired as to why not use a “more recent” photo, the answer was “Mr. XXX and Mr. YYY wanted to make sure they portrayed a youthful image for the company, and it was either this photo or one where they are both being assisted by nurses into a Segway scooter!

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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery |

FDR's "Fireside Chats" With America
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Free event:  Up to 8 CEAPs towards your CBCP recertification.

This web event will feature leading experts exploring strategies and tactics to build a strong business continuity and recovery plan within an enterprise, the right technology choices for business recovery and best practices and tips to develop a strategy and architecture to meet 24/7 availability and recovery requirements.

If you need the CEAP’s you can get them while watching at home or the office!

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Governance, Risk, and Compliance |


A well trained GRC Professional is always in demand.

If you are not familiar with the Brighttalk service, you are missing out on a great source of video and multimedia materials on the web.  It is a good training tool and visual information site for staying on top of industry changes.  Go to the link listed below and open up an account, then subscribe to the “Channel” of your choice. Mine of course, is the Governance, Risk and Compliance channel.

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SEC Proposes New Rules For Executive Compensation And Corporate Governance Disclosure

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More work for auditors.  And, I suspect this is only the beginning of a new compliance “framework” that will unfold during the next 12 to 24 months from Washington.

To read a Mondaq legal article you need to click the link below then create a free account:

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Philadelphia H1N1 and Beyond Conference


Conferences are always fun.


Even mean dictators get the flu.

Space is Limited – Sign Up Today for the H1N1 and Beyond Conference in Philadelphia.

In late March and early April 2009, the first cases of human infection with the H1N1 virus were reported in the U.S. Significant novel H1N1 illness has continued into the summer, with localized – and in some cases intense – outbreaks occurring. The U.S. continues to report the largest number of novel H1N1 cases of any country worldwide.

The health risks are clear going into flu season. What can you do about keeping your business up and running no matter what the outage? The H1N1 and Beyond Conference will offer action-based strategies to keep your operations up and running during H1N1 and any other outage – from loss of power to catastrophic disasters.

The value of this educational, interactive event is unmatched:

  • Access to the foremost preparedness experts.
  • The ONLY conference that goes past the health risks and focuses squarely on business recovery to respond to and recover from H1N1.
  • Special offers for participants on H1N1 planning and preparedness products.
  • Breakfast and lunch included.
  • Laptop for note gathering provided by Strategic BCP for your session.


Wednesday, October 7th
Peirce College, Philadelphia, PA | Map
Conference Rate: $295Discounts are available for members of several Business Continuity organizations, planning organizations, educational institutions, and non-profits. Please obtain your code by contacting 866-594-7227.


Presented by:
Presented By Strategic BCP

Presenters include:

Contact Strategic BCP
H1N1 and Beyond Conference Website
866.594.SBCP (7227)

AICPA Economic Crisis and Recovery Center


Drink beer, it’s good for the recovery.

This is an excellent site for information on all the major business domains affected by the recession. I found white papers, presentations, webcasts, podcasts and reports on Risk Management, Audit, Forensics, Financial Reporting, Practice Management, etc.   It is a rich archive of information!

If you haven’t visited the site, do so as soon as you can.   See link below:

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